Monday, 8 September 2014


If I had my way, I'd have these signs all over the world!  Down with this sort of thing!

A flag or a sign is a important commodity.  I mean, the great British empire was built upon planting flags everywhere.  After a good cup of tea, of course.

We should create our own arhchchllyly empire by plastering these signs over every field in blighty! Infact, the whole world!

No longer will the devious little pests undermine our educated efforts at restoring and registering history.  How dare they walk into a field with nothing more than a metal detector, and HOW DARE they do more to saving history than I have EVER done!

I haven't tried to crack that arhchckltlly degree over the past twenty years for nothing, you know!

One day...I will have my revenge.

Paul Barford

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