Monday 22 September 2014

Metal Detecting: Hurried Hoard Hoiking on "Club Dig"

Stop finding stuff!!

Take a good look at this behaviour!

When I first saw this picture, I thought the pot of coins was in actual fact a skull, and I nearly did a Barford all over the screen there and then.  To my dismay, it was only a hoard of coins...

It's times like these, that we need Archeology man to swoop in, and point the stick of justice, and save this piece of history from the cretins that....saved it?

I don't care that we wouldn't have known about this if they hadn't found it!  It's not fair!  I didn't fail my PHD in Archeologgoy 21 times just for these dumb-witted fools to come in and find much more history and heritage than I EVER have in my life!  IT'S NOT FAIR!  I don't CARE they contacted the FLO!

*stomp stomp stomp*

Mark my words, tekkies.....Archeology man WILL have his revenge...!

I'm all wound up now. I need to find that picture of Nigel Swift and Donna Yates wresting around newly dug skeletons.  Crack out the tissues.  This ones going to be in anger.

Paul Barford.

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