Monday, 10 November 2014


Fascist Barford!?  PAH!

And neither is Nigel Swift!

(Please don't mention the fact we are actually the same person)

Some foolish creature, probably a dirty un-educated metal detectorist, has said this on one of my other blogs:

This article is written under the paradigm of intellectual superiority or elevated legitimacy of officialdom over the freedom of people to collect artefacts from the land in which they live. Your attitude is by definition a fascist approach to the views and freedoms of others and I’m sure would be laughable to the average Celt/Saxon/Briton although you might have enjoyed support from a few Romans – Caligula, Nero or similar egomaniac! 
fascism: Noun ……………………. authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.
Take a good look at this behaviour, as this is what the British public are wasting their money on! Foolhardy opinion such as this bucket of tripe!  How dare you!  Do you know who I am?!  I am PAUL BARFORD, ARCHHCHCHELLLGY MAN!  My sidekick NIGEL SWIFT will not be spoken to like this, either!

If you had any understanding in that tiny pellet of a brain you have, then you may eventually come to the conclusion that, we are the educated ones.  Therefore, we know best.  It's not a matter of Fascism, it's a matter of superiority through education.  Knowledge (Google) is power, and we hold ALL the power, Sonny!

I know, I know, you are going to mention the fact that I keep on failing that damned Arcchcllyyggyl degree, but I am educated in other areas.  My O level in home economics alone is enough to crush your puny knowledge.  Mummy was very proud of lil Pauly when I got that.  Oh, and Google of course. Love Google.

The conclusion is this:  Sit down, shut up and listen to our correct opinion.  Fascism?  You don't know the meaning of the word!

Paul Barford.

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