Monday, 27 October 2014

Beaubrummell destroys Paul Barford in conversation!?

How dare he!  I'll give him a bunch of fives!

And I quote:

I have permission from my local council to detect on the pasture I mention, and should I find anything that needs to be recorded I will contact my Finds Liaison Officer accordingly. 
People like you like to tar all detectorists with the same brush whilst conveniently ignoring how many wondrous items now reside in museums thanks to metal detectorists. 99% of drivers obey the Highway Code, should we ban cars because 1% do not? 
Pointless I know trying to ask someone like you to show any perspective. Give my regards to Sir Tony Robinson.
I tried so hard to flit around his answers here.  I'm the best at that.  Take a good look at this behaviour, because even though it might appear that Beaubrummell has got me hook, line and sinker here, I thought I'd break out the big guns.

My alter ego.  Nigel Swift.

Now, pay attention.  I know that maybe hard for someone with an intellect as low as yourself, but this is how it works.  I bring in my alias, and bully him with it, asking questions that could potentially get him in trouble, if I word them 'right'.  I do that a lot, you see.  I ask someone a question, and then take that information and spin it, so it looks like they said something else!

I'm so bloody clever.

Thankyou, Mummy for the great genes.  I'm not so sure about the finger up the bottom, but if it had to be done, it had to be done.

Now, if you look at the conversation, it looks like I won, which of course, is the most important thing. My Alias did its job right, and my ego is ensured.  Beaubrummell has decided to back down (or not put up with my devious shit) and Arceheheleogy man has defeated his foe once more!

And don't forget, people.  You must, MUST blame the PAS for everything at the end.  Most important.

I'm now going to celebrate my victory with a wang joust at Donna Yates' sultry poses.  Come here, you flaxen haired crevice!

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