Monday, 23 November 2015

Kingscote Nighthawkers!


These vile sub humans have been going onto land at night, and stealing things and thus disturbing the archaeological (I finally learnt how to spell it proppa) evidence that may have lain there!

And look!  Not one metal detectorist wants to dob this lot in.  I don't care that nighthawks are secretive types, and metal detectorists probably don't know who they are anyway.  I'm not interested in any of that twaddle!  Stick them all in the same boat, I say and then sink it using one of Nigel Swifts immortal buttcheeks.

Who cares if Metal detectors are also against Nighthawking?  We don't want to know the truth.  It's easier to share our bigoted, hypocritical vision, and attempt to swerve the public from the actual truth of the matter!

Sod the PAS!  Ahhhhhhhh!

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