Friday, 19 September 2014

When is it ok to dig the dead from graves?

I had a very strange and annoying dream last night.

A ghost came to me, and asked me the question 'When is it OK to dig the dead from their graves?'

I pointed out to the unintelligent being, that Archeology comes before absolutely everything!  The idiot! What will the little kiddies have to gawp at in the museums, if us heroes of the earth don't rip these people from their graves?

The idiot then went onto say:

'But these people were placed here with respect and love - this is never ok.'

What absolute balderdash!  Foolish dream!  Love!?  Never heard of it!  Resepct!?  Who cares!  THE most important thing is what WE can learn about history from these sleeping bags of nothing.  Who cares that they were buried with respect?  They're not here anymore, and WE are.

I didn't study for that Archealllly degree for nothing, you know!  This stupid ghost wants me to reconsider all my efforts, just because of decency and respect!?  Utter trash!

Take a good look at this behaviour, for it is dreams like this that will become the ironic nail in the coffin of our beautiful art.

Paul Barford 

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