Thursday, 28 August 2014

More mysteries at Stonehenge!

I was quaffing down quails eggs, when I came across this new information concerning Stonehenge.

New survey reveals mysteries at Stonehenge!


Stonehenge, perhaps the world's most famous neolithic monument, is like an iceberg, with unsuspected monuments now revealed beneath the surface. The discoveries have expanded the range of potential astronomical uses to which the builders could have used the mighty structure.

We need to get in there and dig the whole bloody lot up.  There will be plenty of dead people under there and my pants are humming at the prospect, and I may do a Barford all over my screen in excitement.

Of course, I have failed THAT DAMNED archaeological PHD on a number of occasions now, so I must find a way to get in there.  Mrs Barford has constructed a ginger wig for me, and I shall disguise myself as that hot piece of totty 'Donna Yates.'  Well, that's if I can stop my bollock from letting out some squeeze at the prospect.

I took a look at myself in that wig.  I'll be using it for my personal purpose from now on.

Paul Barford

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