Friday, 29 August 2014

Archaeologists digging up Battle of Hastings site!

Archaeologists digging up Battle of Hastings site!

Wonderful news.

I've been thwarted by the wig of disguise ala Donna Yates, and was quickly sent home to Warsaw with my tail between my legs.

This PHD is continuing to be bothersome.  So, I've devised a cunning plan more cunning than a fox with a tattoo on his backside that says 'Very cunning.'  I have found a number of websites that create fake diplomas.

Once I've purchased this, I can get in there and start digging up all those lovely dead bodies.  I can't wait to be the first to see them.  I may do a Barford right there and then.  And thern theres all the artifacts that will be kept away from those damn tekkies!  I'll be a hero back in my homeland.

Mrs Barford, warm up the plum jam.  I'm coming home!

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