Monday, 15 September 2014

Down with the underclass!

How dare these Chav creatures from the tower blocks descend on their metal detectors like witches on brooms, and find more relevant history than I have ever found!  HOW DARE THEY! I didn't (try to x 10) complete that PHD for nothing you know!
The good 'ol days

I had a brilliant idea whilst sitting here scoffing quails eggs in my Polish mansion of lesser tax.  We should just round them up like the good 'ol boys did in the good 'ol days on the fox hunts back in 'ol Blighty.

Ah, good times.  We'd murder a few foxes, and get back home in time to scoff some crumpets, and jam, before heading out for a good 'ol game of naked leapfrog with the local church fraternity, and all their friends.  Never seen so many adults wanting to play leapfrog, though.

Very strange...

Anyway!  Back to the chavvy, disgusting metal detecting wielding scum that blight our countryside today.  How dare they!  We must get on our horses, and hunt them down like wild foxes!  We'll burn the metal detectors, and they'll see the fire for miles!

Take a good look at this behaviour, as these are the very people that are wasting the tax payers money, on the PAS and its associates.  Of course, my fellow upper-class chums won't be paying our tax for now.  Why should we?  WE are the educated ones, after all...

Me, David (Fu) Knell, Nigel Swift and Donna Yates.  What a team!

Baggsy on the horse behind Donna Yates.

Paul Barford.

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