Thursday, 28 August 2014

Donna Yates - A constructive acheololoaogoist?

Ah, Donna Yates.  The Flaxon haired beauty.

Red of hair and a firey view of the archaeological process to boot.  Many in the archeological community can't stomach the woman, and even say she's two faced!  Pah!  I totally disagree, and support her method of reviewing digs, saying everything is brilliant, and then going back to slag those same people off on her (less important than mine) blog!

She's an angel in my eyes, and I'd take any opportunity to do a Barford all over her face if I got the opportunity.  Sometimes I send Mrs Barford out to Bingo, and happily pleasure myself with pictures of the red headed nimph, and pictures of perfect excavations.  I then shout BARFORD! as I reach my climax, and add to my important blog.  The perfect night in.

Paul Barford.

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  1. The difference between Paul Barford and acne, is acne don't come on your face until you reach puberty.