Friday, 29 August 2014

The PAS close to a million objects found!

This is an obvious waste of the taxpayers money!  How dare they!  Take a good look at this behaviour...

One million objects saved from the earth, and registered thus adding to our knowledge of history.  How dare they!  Any person can pick up a metal detector and do this!  Even the public are invited to register their finds, without a metal detector!

I haven't failed my PHD in Archeaoaolalaolagy numerous times for any old person to go and find more stuff than me! THIS ISN'T FAIR!  Take a good look at this behaviour, as I will have my revenge portable antiquities scheme, or the 'PAS' to the illiterate.

Im so frustrated, Im going to go squeeze a bollock at Donna Yates.

Paul Barford.

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